Past faculty

Previous Faculty and Organising Committee Members

  • Prof. Lynette Russell
    Prof. Lynette Russell
    Professor, Monash Indigenous Studies Ctr
    Monash University
  • Prof. Martin Nakata
    Prof. Martin Nakata
    Pro Vice Chancellor, Indigenous Education and Strategy
    James Cook University
  • Dr Simone Reynolds
    Dr Simone Reynolds
    Research Fellow
    Griffith University
  • Ms Minette Salmon
    Ms Minette Salmon
    Fieldwork Officer - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Program
    Australian National University
  • Prof. Yvonne Cadet-James
    Prof. Yvonne Cadet-James
    Adjunct Professor
    James Cook University Indigenous Education & Research Centre
  • A/Prof. Stephen Leslie
    A/Prof. Stephen Leslie
    Associate Professor
    University of Melbourne
  • Dr Ashley Farlow
    Dr Ashley Farlow
    University of Melbourne
  • A/Prof. Larry Croft
    A/Prof. Larry Croft
    Manager Deakin Genomics Research & Discovery Facility
    Deakin University
  • A/Prof. Jeffrey Craig
    A/Prof. Jeffrey Craig
    Lecturer in Medical Sciences
    Deakin University
  • Dr Misty Jenkins
    Dr Misty Jenkins
    NHMRC Fellow
    Walter & Eliza Hall Institute/University of Melbourne/National Centre for Indigenous Genomics
  • Dr Stephanie Gilbert
    Dr Stephanie Gilbert
    Senior Lecturer - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit
    The University of Queensland
  • Mrs Deanne Hanchant-Nichols
    Mrs Deanne Hanchant-Nichols
    UniSA's Consultant: Aboriginal Employment and Development
    University of South Australia